Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Our Publishing Round Up was a huge success! $6,906.97!



We are in the middle of editing and formatting the files for the book as well as finalizing paperwork with the printer!

This dream could not be happening without the help of you all! A huge hug and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I appreciate you and your support.

I feel so blessed.







A huge THANK YOU to the most loved

Publishing Round Up Posse!

Theresa & Bill Reed, Clare Carver, Winter’s Hill Winery, Beth Caster, Matthew Bentz, Ellen & Ron Wellborn, LuAnn DeYoung, LuLamae & Pete DeYoung, Jocela & Brehan Crawford, Trevor Westergard, Paula Barron, Meagan Hillier, Leigh Ann Jones, Lestar Arts LLC, Michele Brantner, Stacy Shellington, Laura Dalton, Angela Cayafas, Tamara Tate, MSK International LLC, Flourish & Nancy Thompson, The Vegas Sports Group & Bill Shihara, Kevin & Christina Walker, Joleen Leach, Anna Latimer, The Valencia Family, Tomas Cernansky, Rachel Parker, Brett Littlefield, Dark Horse Solutions, Joanne Vatore, Robin Mock, Sarah Fujita, Mark Amondson, Diane Waters, Tina Cameli, Brenden McKoy, Wendy Schwandt, Sharon Lobenstein, Georgia Weathers, James Heindel, Gretchen Olson, Leesa Novak, Carmel Clark, Diane Blakely, Melanie Miller, Sherri Jansen, The Shabby Black Dog, Luna Milena Dausend, Nancy & Dave Hall, Shannon & Amanda Hanson, Julian Parker-Burns, Lauren Fein, Vishara Veda, Rob Gordon, Kim & Daryl Alt, K.L. Day, Charlotte & Elliot Abram, Bob Crawford, Amy Curtis, Sinclair Sawhney, Jake & Shirley Price and all those who wish to remain anonymous. 🙂 xo You are amazing!