Meet the Cowgirl

My name is Sarah. I’m a cowgirl. A gluten free cowgirl. I love to ride, bake and buck bales. In that order. I like to say that gluten stopped liking me about five years ago and I haven’t made up since. So I saddled up and hit the trail of gluten free baking. I prefer my baked goods like I like my horses- honest, trustworthy and a pleasure. Honest, real ingredients baked into sweets that are a true pleasure to eat and easy to love. I am happy to share these recipes with you here. Glad you are along for the ride!

Happy Trails!


p.s. Just so we are on the up and up, all the photos of my recipes are the real McCoy. And yes, I am gluten intolerant. Gluten makes me very sick. Drop me a line or a pony express if you have any questions, would like to know more about my gluten free life or just want to chat.