Equestrian Wine Tour

Jun 25

Equestrian Wine Tour






Hey all!

Just wanted to share a few shots from a cowgirl at work.

Yes, you read that right… Wine Tours by horseback!!

Ok, we use the term “work” loosely here and “staff meetings” are on the porch with an adult beverage…

photo 3











Now saddle up and lets go round up some wine!

This is Charm, one of our amazingly smooth Tennessee Walking Horses, modeling the saddle and “Wine Tour” breast collar. The breast collar is the strap that goes across the shoulder and around the chest to both sides of the saddle to help the saddle stay in place better, especially up hills!

And you can see we are equipped with saddle bags for your favorite gluten free snack to take on the trail and your favorite bottle of wine you bought by horseback!

Guests off to find another watering hole! Or a winery...











The herd is off to find the next watering hole… or winery…

You can tell we are not a follow-the-leader-nose-to-tail operation. One of the biggest compliments we get is how responsive our horses are and how guests actually get to ride- instead of just being along for the ride.

Here we are crossing through Winter’s Hill Winery property on our way to Stoller Vineyard.



Horses tied around the corral while guests have a taste.











Back at the corral… horses have a rest while the guests are in having a taste of famous Dundee Hills Pinot Noir at Winter’s Hill Winery!

Yes, that’s me having a rest too…

Beautiful guide horse Birdie.











View from the back of my horse.

This is Birdie who is a young horse learning the ropes of the wine tours. She is quickly becoming a favorite among the guides. Her favorite place is being out front.

Thanks for stopping by! Leave a comment or question about horses if you have one!

Happy Wine Trails,

Your Cowgirl


  1. Lester A. /

    What great insight into your world! The tours are always fun and you provide such a fun experience. I’ve enjoyed my rides through the vineyards. Amazing horses, too.

  2. clare /

    I’m ready for my tour!!!

  3. Carmel /

    Sarah and Ray were amazing. Our group of 8 had every level of horseback riding experience and they did an amazing job of making it wonderful for everyone. Sarah and Ray were very engaging and energetic.

    We have since bought 6 of her cookbooks and are planning on a repeat performance next summer when the ride is longer and even more fun.

    Have a great winter!

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