Gluten Free Cowgirl in MIX Magazine October 2011!

Feb 07

Gluten Free Cowgirl in MIX Magazine October 2011!

Gluten Free Cowgirl had two gluten free recipes published in the October 2011 issue of MIX Magazine! A huge thank you to Big Table Farm , Clare Carver and Brian Marcy, for including Gluten Free Cowgirl in their wine-drenched feast on the farm! Go here to read the full story Cook Big Table Farm’s Wine-Drenched Feast as told by the beautiful and talented Clare Carver.

On a personal note, what an exciting adventure it was to create a gluten free fresh pasta and a scrumptious gluten free dessert to share at this dinner for a big table full of foodies- of which only three were gluten free! Hold the reins. Ok. Most of it was thrilling and exciting to pour my passion into creating and sharing delicious gluten free dishes! But lets be honest, it was scary as you know what to be in the kitchen with more than a handful of amazing chefs while they work their craft.  Enter David Padberg of Park Kitchen and Jason French of Ned Ludd just to name a few. It was inspiring and entertaining to watch everyone work, create, cook, play and produce! All of my made up, baked up fear aside, I had a blast, felt right at home and we had an incredible meal. To top it off, all the chefs in the kitchen were more than understanding and helpful when it came to the gluten free preparation, creation and serving! Their love of pleasing peoples palates and picky digestive tracks was very apparent and greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Big Table Mix Magazine DinnerI love Clare’s words on the evening:

“Take it from me: You really can’t go wrong when you invite a bunch of chefs over to collaborate on a meal. But when we add beef and pork and eggs from our farm, tomatoes and fresh herbs from our garden, our own wines, and gorgeous produce from our friends down the road at Square Peg Farm, dinner parties here at Big Table Farm can border on epic.”

Epic it was! Read the story for more details and the recipes to re-create your own wine drenched feast, gluten-free style!

With farm dinners, fancy chefs and gluten free love,


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  1. clare carver /

    What a great post – It was so great to have you as part of that special meal!! your baking is so amazing – whether it’s on a trip to the beach with horses, your macaroons at our pot luck or your pasta it’s all so yummy and fun to share with you!!! thanks for being part of our table! cheers! Clare – Big Table Farm

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